9.2.1. AI2sql Oracle Cloud Connector

Welcome to 'AI2sql Oracle Cloud Connector:

A Comprehensive Setup Guide'. This guide provides straightforward instructions for integrating AI2sql with Oracle Cloud. It covers installation, configuration, firewall setup, and troubleshooting to ensure a smooth and secure connection between AI2sql and your Oracle Cloud database.

  • Select Oracle Cloud Connector: In AI2sql, locate and select the option for connecting to an Oracle Cloud database.

  • Connection Details:

    • Enter the Connection Name: A unique identifier for this connection.

    • Specify the DSN (Data Source Name): The DSN corresponding to your Oracle Cloud database.

    • Provide the Owner Name: The owner's name of the Oracle Cloud database.

    • Input User: The username for accessing the Oracle Cloud database.

    • Set the Password: The password associated with your database user.

  • Test Connection: After entering all details, use the test feature in AI2sql to ensure that the connection is correctly set up and functioning.

  • Save and Use: Once the connection is successfully tested, save the settings and start using the connector for your data operations.

  • Configure Firewall for AI2sql Access:

    • Access Firewall Settings: Open the firewall settings on the system or network that hosts the Oracle Cloud database.

    • Add Rules/Exceptions: Create rules or exceptions to allow traffic from AI2sql to Oracle Cloud. This typically involves specifying the IP addresses or domain names used by AI2sql, and opening the relevant ports used for database communication.

  • Finalize and Test:

    • After configuring the firewall, retest the connection in AI2sql to ensure that the Oracle Cloud database is accessible with the new firewall settings in place.

For the most specific and detailed instructions, please consult the official documentation of AI2sql, as the actual process might have unique steps or additional requirements based on the software version and specific Oracle Cloud configurations.

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