8. CSV Analyzer

CSV Analyzer transforms the way you interact with comma-separated value (CSV) files. This intuitive tool allows users to upload CSV data and extract valuable insights through simple, natural language queries.

Here are the steps to use the CSV Analyzer tool:

  1. Data Input

    • Open the CSV Analyzer interface

    • Paste or type your CSV data into the input box

    • Ensure your data includes headers (e.g., ID,Name,Age,Department,Salary)

  2. Formulate Query

    • In the "Prompt" section, type your question about the data

    • Use natural language (e.g., "What is the average salary?")

    • Keep your query clear and specific to the data provided

  3. Generate Results

    • Click the "Generate" button to process your query

    • Wait briefly for the tool to analyze your data and compute the result

  4. View Output

    • Check the right panel for your query results

    • The answer will be displayed numerically or in a formatted list, depending on the query

  5. Refine or Expand (if needed)

    • If you need more information, type a new query in the Prompt section

    • For complex analyses, consider breaking down your questions into multiple queries

  6. Export or Further Analysis (optional)

    • Use the tool's export functions if available to save your results

    • For more in-depth analysis, consider using the results as a starting point for further queries

Remember, the tool is designed for quick, straightforward analysis of CSV data. For more complex operations, you may need to use multiple queries or export the data for use in other specialized tools.

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