19. SQL File Uploader

The SQL File Uploader is a specialized tool designed to simplify the process of importing SQL, DDL, and DML files into your database management workflow. This user-friendly interface allows for quick and efficient upload of database-related files, ensuring your data is readily available for analysis and operations.

Steps for using the SQL File Uploader:

  1. Prepare Your File

    • Ensure your file is in SQL, DDL, or DML format

    • If the file has a .sql extension, convert it to .txt

    • Verify the file content is correct and complete

  2. Access the Upload Interface

    • Navigate to the SQL File Uploader in your application

    • Click on the upload option or button to open the interface

  3. Name Your File

    • In the "File Name" field, enter a name for your file

    • Use a descriptive name, e.g., "customer_data_update"

  4. Select Your File

    • Click on the upload area that says "Click to upload a file"

    • Browse your computer and select the prepared .txt file

  5. Verify File Selection

    • Ensure the correct file is selected

    • Check that the file has a .txt extension

  6. Complete the Upload

    • Once the file is selected and named, click the "Finish" button

    • Wait for the upload confirmation message

  7. Confirm Upload Success

    • Look for a success message or check your uploaded files list

    • Verify that the file appears in your system as expected

  8. Next Steps

    • Proceed with using the uploaded file for your intended database operations or analysis

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