19.1 Generating SQL queries

  1. Access the Text2sql Tool

    • Open the AI2SQL platform

    • Navigate to the Text to SQL or SQL File Uploader feature

  2. Upload SQL Files (if needed)

    • Click the upload option

    • Ensure files are in .txt format (convert .sql to .txt if necessary)

    • Name your file and select it for upload

    • Click "Finish" to complete the upload

  3. Select Database Engine

    • Choose your database type from the dropdown menu

  4. Choose Data Source

    • Click "Add Tables to Query"

    • In the "Select File" modal, choose from: • Uploaded files • ERD uploads • Database schema imports • Existing databases • Option to add new tables

  5. Select Specific Files/Tables

    • Check boxes next to desired files/tables

    • Click "Select" to confirm

  6. Enter Your Query

    • Type your question or request in natural language in the query box

  7. Generate and Review SQL

    • Click "Generate" to create the SQL query

    • Review the generated SQL for accuracy and usability

This streamlined process allows you to upload SQL files, select relevant data sources, and generate SQL queries from natural language inputs, all within the same tool.

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