17.3. Connecting Your MySQL Database

The AI2SQL plugin allows you to connect directly to your Mssql database. Here's how to do it:

  1. Visit AI2sql GPTs application.

  2. Navigate to the AI2SQL GPTs interface.

  3. In the prompt field, type "Test Connection".

  4. To connect to a data source, I'll need specific details about the database you're using. Please provide the following information:

    1. Type of Database: Are you using MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or another type of database?

    2. Server Name: The address of the server where your database is hosted.

    3. Database Name: The name of the specific database you want to connect to.

    4. Username and Password: Credentials for accessing the database.

    5. Port (if applicable): The port number used to connect to the database.

    6. ai2sql_token: If you have an ai2sql token, please provide it for a secure connection.

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